“It’s easily one of the best DLC releases I’ve had a chance to play all year, and does exactly what DLC should do.”

– Gaming Age, Grade ‘A’.

A new land of extremes awaits in the Storm Island Expansion for Forza Horizon 2!

Blast your way through extreme weather conditions like tropical storms and thick fog and challenge Storm Island’s sudden and severe terrain changes. The Storm Island expansion adds six iconic cars and trucks to the game, including a brand new barn find car, as well as off-road upgrades, 24 new championships including new off-road race modes like Brawl, Rampage, Extreme Cross Country and Gauntlet, additional Bucket List challenges, Xbox Live Achievements, online events, and much more!

Storm Island was a hit with players and critics alike. Official Xbox Magazine gave Storm Island a 9/10 review, as did Eurogamer (back when Eurogamer actually gave scores), saying:

“This is an excellent expansion, then, one that complements the main game while gracefully underlining what exactly it was that made Forza Horizon 2 so enticing in the first place.”