Blood, sweat, mud and a lot of money raised for SpecialEffect! A week ago, on June 4th, twenty of the Playground team completed the Wolf Run on the Stanford Hall Estate in Leicestershire.

The Wolf Run is a ten-kilometer course through dense woodland, along intricate trails, wading through rivers and swimming across lakes. This is not to mention the man-made obstacles scattered across the course too!


Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday, right?

The Wolf Run is grueling, both physically and mentally, but we had a common motivation driving the team on – SpecialEffect.


SpecialEffect is a UK based charity which we are passionate about. As a video game developer we strive to create great games, but we also want as many people as possible to enjoy those games. SpecialEffect uses video games and technology to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities allowing them to participate, and enjoy, something a lot of us take for granted.


I’m delighted to say the whole team made it round the course, although not in the same condition we began, and we raised a grand total of £2,800 for SpecialEffect. A huge thank you to everyone who kindly donated!