Playground Games is five years old!

IMG_9735To celebrate, we had a party. In all honesty we have parties quite a lot, but this one was special: a chance to mark a milestone with the team who were here at the start, and the many who have joined us along the way. The party had all the ingredients a great party should have – champagne, birthday cake, friends, Mortal Kombat on a massive TV – and it continued well into the evening at the bar just down the street.

It seems like a long, long time ago that we got the keys to our office space here. We now fill three floors of our building, but the room we moved into five years ago was way too big for the original team of eighteen. The photos we have from that day are priceless. Without furniture, we sat on the floor, with a laptop running our very first network. Some of us had more hair back then and everybody looked a lot younger. None of us seemed able to take a decent photo.


The games industry has changed too in the five years since we first moved in here. In that time, Playground has become a world-renowned, award-winning developer and we’re incredibly proud of the games we’ve made, and the people who have made them. And that’s worth raising a glass to.