Playground Games is looking for an Associate Chief Engineer to help lead a world-class Engineering team on Forza Horizon Live Ops.

Your experience will allow you to lead a team who are empowered to build a AAA game of the highest quality. Working closely with the Chief Engineer, your game programming background will enable you to inspire the team to make decisions to enrich the game. Your ability to coordinate teams will help you form plans which allow the game to continue to grow. You understand the Engineering challenges faced when providing frequent updates to a shipped title.

You are flexible, highly motivated and approachable, with excellent communication skills honed by your experience of leading a team.

Skill summary:

  • At least one published title in an Engineering leadership position
  • A demonstrable track record of quality in your previous work
  • Team leadership skills
  • An organised and process driven attitude to problem solving
  • A genuine passion for games

This is an exceptional opportunity to join one of the world's most exciting games studios as a key member of an established team. It will provide exciting new challenges for any experienced developer looking to further their career and create world class games.

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“Having started as a graduate engineer, working at Playground has been an amazing experience where I get to learn from talented and experienced engineers while working on a project that is both fun and challenging. ”